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Tinted Windows


The popularity of the tinted Windows of the car due to a number of advantages;

✔ protection from excessive sunlight;

✔ prevents burning of the internal surfaces of the cabin;

✔ creating a comfortable environment, preventing excessive heating of salon;

✔ crash-glass, film-coated, does not crumble into small fragments, protecting passengers from damage;

✔ prevents theft of the vehicle, making it difficult for attackers to see what is inside.

Deciding to perform a window tint, you should know that under the current regulations limit the degree of light throughput of a film. For windshield the minimum value is 75 % and front side Windows not less than 70 %. Violation of this requirement is punishable by a fine. To avoid trouble, it is recommended to turn to professionals. They will help in the selection of the film and perform the tinted front Windows insulated tapes in strict accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

Car tinting can be performed with removal of casing and without removing depending on the brand of car. In our centers toning process is performed in several stages c minimum reinforcement works:

- Prepare interior sticker film, cleaning it and the glass from dust and dirt. Over-the-glass dry wipe with lint-free wipes, remove the seals.

- The next step to prepare the workpiece. For this, the glass is moistened and put on the tape, cut the desired size, leaving on all sides when you-start to 4 mm. Upper edge cut end-to-end strictly on the contour of the glass.

- Prepare a soapy solution with a small amount of shampoo, it is applied to the surface of the glass. This is usually done using a spray bottle. A protective layer with a film is removed not completely, but gradually, achieving an exact location on

glass. Soap solution for some time will neutralize the glue, providing time for the location of the film. After film is installed, the master with a distillation removes from under the remnants of her shampoo and the air. The finished surface is wiped with a clean cloth. The excess film is cut with a utility knife, leaving a couple of mm, which are then filled in under the sealer.

Glass heated industrial dryer and squeeze by distillation of the remaining moisture. For complete drying of the film will take a day. During this period, are advised not to drop the glass, so as not to spoil the film. More complex is the process of tinting rear Windows. To achieve a neat appearance without wrinkles or superfluous cuts will help our craftsmen with years of experience.


Athermal window film

Did you know that drivers are most at risk of skin cancer due to the penetration of sunlight through the side window of the car?
According to the world Health Organization studies have shown that the use of insulated films significantly reduce the risk of development of cancer cells and early aging of the skin in consequence of (UV) radiation. We remind you that ;
Front side Windows must allow 70% visible light
For windshield set rate of 75%

3M Crystalline 90
Visible light transmittance 86%
Reflection of solar heat 34%
The reflection of visible light 10%
Delay UV rays 99%

From 90 EUR Subcompact cars
From 130 EUR Middle class car
From 170 eur Business class car
From 220 EUR SUVs



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